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Congress passes short-term spending bill- which means there is still time to message Congress to support HME and CRT

With the passage of a stop-gap bill, Congress has given themselves five more days to introduce the final omnibus bill to fund the government. This means there is still time to message your representative and senators! The VGM Action Center has seen 4718 messages sent to senators and representatives on the rural rollout language, which has had nine additional cosponsors since Thursday afternoon. VGM has created an infographic to view the cosponsoring support of each state of the critical HME and CRT language. Click on the links below to see how your state is doing!

Click here to view rural rollout infographic.

Click here to view CRT infographic.

We continue to hear about excellent stories from our members and numerous state associations which have been crucial to the success of this grassroots movement. Alpine Home Medical sent over 100 messages to the entire Utah delegation on Thursday urging support of these two bills. This is excellent because of the position that Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), one of the Senate’s longest sitting senators, has as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Great job Alpine Home Medical!

If you have a great grassroots story about your efforts in this fight against competitive bidding, we would love to hear about it! Please feel free to contact us and tell the Government Relations team all about it!