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Competitive Bidding Round 1 2019 – Improper Notification Sent to Providers

A notification was unintentionally sent to providers interested in participating in Round 1 2019 by CMS that can be ignored. The subject of the email read, “IMPORTANT – REMEMBER TO APPROVE FORM A AND CERTIFY FORM B!” Again, suppliers can disregard this notification.

VGM has confirmed that the notification was improperly sent due to software being cued to send automatic updates to remind suppliers to complete proper forms for the next round. The program has been temporarily delayed and there has not been an official release from CMS as to when Round 1 2019 will go back up on the website. We are anticipating that the information will be reposted at the end of May or early June. Once we have official confirmation of the new information on the next round we will notify suppliers.