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Competitive Bidding Relief will likely be incorporated into the Omnibus Bill

Reimbursement rates in rural areas will be reduced dramatically in a few weeks if you don’t take action today!
This is the moment we’ve been anticipating, we need grassroots activities now more than ever! The DME Industry has been long awaiting the introduction of legislation that will give financial relief to rural home medical equipment suppliers. Congressman Price and his staff have been working late nights to perfect this bill and make it likely to pass. We are not waiting for an actual bill number, but instead expecting the legislation to be incorporated into the end of the year Omnibus bill. We expect legislative language to be finalized by Tuesday.

We have high expectations for inclusion in the omnibus bill based on conversations that occurred earlier this week while John Gallagher, Tom Powers and Greg Packer of VGM, together with Jay Witter and Tom Ryan of AA Homecare, met with over 50 congressional offices.

It’s more important than ever to reach out to your congressional leaders today!

Click here to message your Senators.

Click here to message your member of Congress.

The two key committees that are integral in passing items into the Omnibus are the House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee.

Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) (pictured with John Gallagher) is the new Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. He works closely with Congressman Price and has been favorable to our issues in discussions. He mentioned that he is aware that Dr. Price has his priorities and the fact that the industry is willing to work with a pay-for is very favorable for our efforts. If you live in Congressman Brady’s Texas district, it is crucial that you reach out to his office today! If not, please ask your member of Congress to reach out to Chairman Brady.

John and BradyTom, Greg and Grassley

The Senate Finance Committee is also a key committee. Here is a list of the Senate Finance Committee members. Is your senator on the list? If so, it is crucial that you reach out to your senator’s office.
All Hands on Deck!
Now more than ever, we need you to reach out to your member of Congress. The omnibus package should wrap up sometime early next week so time is of the essence.

Nothing will change if Congress doesn’t hear from their constituents. Please get all of your employees or coworkers to call or send a message to your legislators.