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Competitive Bidding Domino Effect Threatens Veteran’s Access to Care

Veteran’s issues are consistently a high priority in the minds of voters, especially the care that veterans receive during their service and as civilians. As the nation’s armed forces are returning from war and for those who have sustained injuries, the quality of the care that they receive is vital to their transition back into civilian life. Now, America’s veterans and their dependents are likely going to be facing yet another challenge when it comes to the healthcare benefits that they have earned. DME providers are now reporting that TRICARE reimbursements are being aligned with the Medicare rates set by the Competitive Bidding program and its expansion into rural America in January 2016.

TRICARE has reduced reimbursements for durable medical equipment for providers from 10 to 55 percent in addition to the drastic cuts that Medicare reimbursements have received over the past six months. This illustrates what could become an industry trend as providers are making every effort to weather the storm of the massive reimbursement reductions.

VGM and industry stakeholders will continue to fight for the reforms necessary to keep providers in rural and urban areas in business and keep patients in the comfort of their own homes. Taking the time to make phone calls and sending messages to the offices of your elected officials is critically important to building the support needed to get this legislation passed in such a narrow window. VGM is here to assist you in any way possible, if you have questions, please reach out to any member of the Government Relations team and we will guide you through the process!