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CMS Data “Suggests No Negative Impact on Beneficiary Access in Urban and Rural Areas.”

In a press release from CMS today (May 18), the agency makes the assertion that, “By all measures, the DMEPOS competitive bidding program has been a great success for beneficiaries and the taxpayers.”

By presenting data that providers continue to voluntarily accept Medicare assignments at nearly the same rate as 2015, with minor changes, CMS argues that the 2016 adjusted fee schedules are, “more than adequate” for providers to cover their costs. This type of misleading statistical data does not properly illustrate the challenges that providers, especially in rural America, are facing.

Click here to view CMS’ press release.

CMS’ claims that competitive bidding is working with zero impacts to urban or rural America shows just how out of touch the agency is with the HME industry. With hundreds of patients reporting problems to People for Quality Care and numerous patient advocacy groups, hospital networks, small business advocates and countless DMEPOS providers across the nation demanding reform, the suggestion that competitive bidding is running with zero negative impacts is ludicrous.”

CMS’ claim is the reason it is so vital that Congress hears the cries of the HME industry as thousands of providers and millions of Medicare beneficiaries depend on this essential industry. Congress must not only hear about the misleading data CMS is presenting, it must hear from the providers and beneficiaries who are subjected to this extremely flawed program. Take the time to reach out to your elected official in order for the HME industry to remain strong by visiting the VGM Action Center today!