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Breaking: CMS Releases Round 1, 2017 Single Payment Amounts

The new single payment amounts (SPAs) for competitive bid items in Round 1, 2017 have been posted on CMS’ website, which can be viewed here. VGM is in the process of analyzing the final SPAs and will bring you a full analysis in the near future. The Round 1, 2017 contracts are currently scheduled to be implemented on January 1, 2017 after announcing the listed contract suppliers sometime this fall. Suppliers that placed bids should open Connexion and view if they have been offered a contract.

At initial glance, rates seem to be in the same area as prior rounds, with some outliers. This release of slashed reimbursement rates in comparison to previous years comes as CMS has published another press release touting the success of the competitive bidding program. This release reinforces the need for a legislative solution over the September session. Click here to read the full release.