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AZ Licensure Introduced and VA Licensure Passes Subcommittee

AZMESA has been striving to protect its members in Arizona from out of state companies who through the flawed competitive bidding process may be trying to service beneficiaries in Arizona. Many other states have successfully gone the route of state level licensing and AZMESA has been working for over a year now to see if this might be an effective avenue to protect their members and the people they so valiantly serve. A task force of AZMESA members has been working with members of the Arizona Legislature on possible language for a state licensure bill and significant progress has been made.

The AZMESA Licensure Task Force began working with Representative Regina Cobb several weeks ago on possible licensure bill language and this week that language was provided to us in the form of House Bill 2266.

The AZMESA Licensure Task Force will continue to meet and strategize on how to get this important bill passed.

Meanwhile in Virgina, HB 527 passed through the Health and Welfare Subcommittee which would require that a provider must have at least one physical location in the commonwealth or within a 40 mile radius of the state border. This is great progress as the industry moves forward to strengthen DME and keep healthcare local!