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August of Action-Start the Dialogue!


Every year, Congress takes a vacation for the entire month of August (July 31st through September 7th). This allows legislators time with their family but also time to touch base with their constituents in their homes states. This August, we are taking advantage of this opportunity to connect with legislators by launching August of Action.

What is August of Action?

August of Action is a national grassroots campaign centered on starting important dialogues with legislators about HME challenges.

Why is getting involved with August of Action so important?

Homecare providers across the country are struggling to provide quality equipment and services due to predatory audits, competitive bidding and small business loss. Congress is beginning to recognize these challenges, but we need to maintain the momentum while the iron is hot.

Choose to participate in August of Action and our team will provide you with all the support you need. We will…

  • Schedule a face to face meeting for you with your member of Congress when they are in your district.
  • Provide you with customized legislative coaching session and ongoing support.
  • Send you talking points and support materials needed to start the dialogue about HME with your health care leaders.
  • Help you coordinate a meeting with your legislator at your place of business (if you desire).

Please note: We will do our best to have the legislator attend the meeting, but sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, the legislator’s staff attend the meeting in their place. Meetings with staff members are equally as effective. Often times they are more versed about specific issues than the Congressman/Congresswoman.

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Help keep HME issues on the forefront with lawmakers, sign up for August of Action today!

For questions or more information contact Emily Harken at or call 866-512-8465.