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As Congress adjourns for Christmas, the industry continues forward

The middle of this week brought industry stakeholders some unwelcomed news when DMEPOS relief was not included in the year-end omnibus spending bill as many had hoped. This news was very disappointing to all, but now we must look forward to making the most of the opportunities in 2016. The grassroots movement of providers, state associations, and industry stakeholders produced strong legislation that can provide much needed relief to providers across the country.

In just a few short weeks S. 2312 was able to gather 18 cosponsors in the Senate and the House companion bill, H.R. 4185, gathered 71 cosponsors in ten days. These numbers are extremely encouraging as it displays that Congress is taking our issues seriously. The average number of cosponsors of a House bill is anywhere between 3-19 representatives along with 3-5 senators. This is also encouraging because of the strong bipartisan network of cosponsors including senior members and key committee chairs that support these pieces of legislation.

These bills are still going to be active in 2016, so our opportunity as an industry is still there to capitalize on additional Medicare-related priorities that must be addressed early next year. Persistence is key in this fight against competitive bidding and we continuously checking the VGM Action Center to continue sending messages to Congress to support the HME and CRT industries! VGM continues to work with our partners and friends in the industry to pursue the strategies moving forward into next year.