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40% of Medicare Beneficiaries Report Having to Pay Out of Pocket for Home Medical Equipment Per Patient Hotline

People for Quality Care has another important story that needs to get out to local media and could really use your help.

On Monday, October 24, the advocacy organization published a press release citing that 40% of calls taken on their Medicare Beneficiary Complaint Hotline are from patients and family caregivers who are being asked to pay out-of-pocket for their equipment because of the increased number of HMEs that are having to file Medicare claims non-assigned.

In the release, Air-Way Medical, a HME in rural Bishop, CA shared their grave concerns about their ability to continue serving patients with the funding cuts. Ultimately, the story asks if HME companies exit the market, where will patients go? This powerful story MUST get published in media outlets across the country!

Help us pass this story along, by sharing this link online and sending the release attached to the story to your local media contacts.